SwisspharmaSWISSPHARMA Research Laboratories, Inc. (SPRLI), a Filipino-Swiss joint venture, is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in the Philippines that employs state of the art technology as well as the latest procedures in the industry.

Engaged in contract manufacturing, research and development of pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and food supplements for the international and local markets.

The Company adheres to the highest international standards. Its manufacturing plant strictly conforms to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) which meets European and American requirements, as well as the standards of the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

“The company has in its clienteles, multinational drug firms and local pharmaceutical drug traders and distributors.”

Vision Statement

We are a contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food supplements and animal health care products committed to:

  • Provide quality products and quality services responsive to the market demands and new initiatives of our clients
  • Promote the best interests of the general public’s health and welfare
  • Participate in the globalization and harmonization efforts of the member-states in the ASEAN Region, as well as in extending business beyond the confines of our shores

Our people are an essential and important asset of our organization, highly motivated individuals, disciplined and driven by a strong sense of dedication and conformance to current Good Manufacturing Practices of the industry, to company standards and to government regulations. We espouse an environment, which is safe, clean and secure for our own people as well as for the community we live in.

Mission Statement

To deliver quality products and quality services, we will:
  • Implement strictly good manufacturing practices of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Employ state-of-the-art equipments in our manufacturing and control operations
  • Maintain well-established quality system
  • Maintain technically competent and efficient team characterized by mutual trust and respect for each other and an honest, open communication for all
  • Promote a sense of collaborative partnership with our clients and suppliers.